Yiru team also produces micro-documentaries, online courses, science short films, etc. The content incorporates such topics as social hotspots, public welfare, education, fashion, funny humor. Yiru is the contracted cooperation agency of internet platforms like iQiyi, Youku, Wesee, and Bilibili.

Micro-documentary :Stories in Beilin Museum

The documentary invites the actor, Yu Entai, to be the “chief storyteller”, and uses the innovative form of “stars + humorous theater + cartoons” with cultural expression of interesting and educational content, so as to tell the story behind the eight national treasures of the Xi’an Beilin Museum. The work has won the “Best New Power Award” at the Golden Bamboo Awards in 2019.

Online Courses

We invite the most well-known and influential individuals in their expertise areas, to provide high-qualified and popular courses with specialized analytics & suggestions based on popular film & TV or current social hot events.

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